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Why not buying a property in Croatia ?

Beaches…mountains…fabulous cities…cracking festivals. And, of course, guaranteed. Southern Croatia should be one of the most popular region for Europeans seeking a home overseas. However that’s not yet the case, maybe because Croatia is not so well known for that and also due to the fact that Croatia just became a member of the European union on If you like to be in advance on the trend, and if you like the country and it’s central position in Europe, here are the reasons why you should consider buying in Croatia :

  • It’s in the heart of Europe, so close from Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and many other EU member states,
  • It’s a very stable and homogenuous state,
  • It’s very secure, with high level of public order and respect,
  • Attactive prices, if you compare with the other markets,
  • Natural environment, one of the few places around the mediterranean sea still
  • Favourable fiscal environment, almost no tax on property, free transmission in direct line to inheritants, low taxes on rental,
  • High rental potential on the coast, with a good potential of growth,

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