Talk about your hotel

Basic shopping. Pre-order your items to be delivered on your arrival at villa Amarina. The simple yet efficient service provides you with the possibility to have your fridge and cupboards stocked even before you arrive.

Olive oil is an essential ingredient for your Mediterranean diet. Purchase your freshly squeezed olive oil directly from the oil mill, or their local representatives, for the quality finishing touch to any meal.The same can either be delivered to villa Amarina? or during your stay, with the additional possibility of overseas shipment to your private residence.

The market… From the farmer to the table. Ensure that your ingredients are fresh and biological, together with your shopper you will visit the charming market in Trogir. He will assist you in getting to know which products to buy, when and why. A service or knowledge which will be helpful even back home, for your everyday shopping.

Fashion ! Treat yourself to a day out shopping in Split, with numerous leading name shops and local designers for you to spend a pleasurable day either window shopping or picking up the latest fashion items for your unfortunate family member that could make it on this splendid vacation.

Hand made artefacts… Satisfy your hearts desires and purchase a wonderful piece of art or traditional handmade ceramic from reputable factory producer or wholesalers. The item of your choice can either be shipped to your private residence or delivered to villa Amarina.

Wine shopping, a touch of red or white, pre-order your favourite wine either before or during your stay at your Villa Amarina. The core service includes a minimum of 6 bottles of wine (pre chosen from a list available from Villa Amarina) and delivery.

Gifts and surprises:  Why not surprise your friends or family members by arranging for a gift basket to be delivered to villa Amarina on their arrival ? A great surprise which will defiantly not go to waste. The core service includes cost of the gift basket and delivery to villa Amarina.

Souvenirs:  Personalised tee-shirts with the dates of your stay and the logo of villa Amarina to take home as a souvenir or to give away as a special gift to family members and/or friends. The core service includes; cost of the tee-shirts.

Booking: Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik are very busy during summer, avoid the crowds and queues by pre-booking or reserving your restaurant, your fish, or your chosen event of location. This service is available not only for the major sights but also for theatre, festivals, special events, not to mention museums and galleries.